Help Make Greyhound Racing History!

​Help make Greyhound Racing History. End it permanently! Join a peaceful rally near you this Sunday 24th July 2016, every major city in Australia (except Darwin) is having one. For more information, go to the Free The Hounds site

Or follow the Free The Hounds Facebook page. See screenshot (2nd image for details of the South Beach Fremantle peaceful march).

Dogs are not commodities or products. They are sentient beings capable of having emotions. They are companions, best friends, assistants, providers of service. They must not be treated like trash and simply discarded when no longer “useful”. 

Human beings are the only species in the world that has to “earn a living”. Please don’t make any other animal follow your stupid manmade rules. Please don’t exploit dogs, horses or any other animal, with a view towards making profit out of us. That includes backyard puppy breeders or puppy mills, who are in it only for the money. They don’t care if the animals are suffering, all they see are these signs $$$$$. So, please don’t buy puppies from a pet shop, or a backyard breeder or a puppy mill, when there are already hundreds abandoned at Animal Shelters. Adopt, Don’t Shop!

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