Why Dogs Are Happier Than Humans

(Photo source: Pinterest)

Humans put too much emphasis on the wrong things. Dogs live in the Now only. They don’t plan, scheme, aspire, wish for anything. 

If right now is warm and snuggly with their Human or Humans, then their world is perfect, and they revel in it and show their happiness. 

If something bad just happened, they face it stoically, because they can’t foresee or predict the future. This too shall pass, is their philosophy. And inevitably, it does. 

Humans sure could learn a thing or two from dogs. Living in the Now, is a good place to start. 


2 thoughts on “Why Dogs Are Happier Than Humans

  1. said simply, as a smart dog would do. Tomo, our black lab of 13.5 up and died 12 weeks ago and we are sad. My practice of being in the moment with her in many moments before she died helped ease the pain.


    • Hi Robert, RIP Tomo. It’s always sad when a beloved pet passes over the rainbow bridge. I still remember how all mine went, so many years ago. They give us so much love and happiness, and then break our hearts at the end. But I do believe that our hearts have to crack open in order to prepare for another angel to arrive when the time is right. I believe pets make us more human and compassionate.


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