Our Human’s Mission : Saving Dogs And Homeless People

​Our Human is amazing, driven by a strong compassion to help animals, especially dogs. Here’s what she wrote on her Facebook page, when she shared this video clip. (The link takes you to Harmony Fund’s page, which contains the video of Sasha Pecic’s Sanctuary, as well as information on how you can help the plight of homeless dogs around the world).

(Google Images photo of Sasha Pecic with just a few of his dogs)

Some day I want to be able to say “Give me all your unwanted dogs”. Every dog is precious and deserves love, food and a warm bed at night. To be abandoned, neglected and unwanted is anyone’s worst nightmare, and to do that to any animal is cruel and inhumane. Luckily there are still some great people like Sasha Pesic in this clip here, and also Goran Grujin and Indira Causevic, who I am honoured to count as my friends, and who are doing their utmost best to save unwanted dogs in their area. I would very much like to do the same thing here in Australia. Who will join me?

We know that Australia is a terribly expensive place to live in. Everything revolves around money. Without money, it seems most things are unachievable. And our Human has no money. But that hasn’t deterred her. She will keep trying to find a way to make her dream come true, for the love of dogs. 

Our Human has also written directly to Harmony Fund in the USA, asking for advice on how she could bring about her Mission, with no funds and no land:

Hi, I’ve been following Sasha Pecic’s work for a while now, and also other dog rescuers like Goran Grujin and Indira Causevic on Facebook. I dearly would like to set up and run a Dog Sanctuary here in Perth, Western Australia, as there is such a lot of ignorance and backyard breeding going on, resulting in unwanted litters of puppies…and yet people still buy from pet shops. Dogs are also often the first victims of relationship breakdowns and changes in circumstances. Terribly unfair on the dogs. I also want to go around educating the public on responsible dog ownership and positive reinforcement methods of training (I am a qualified canine behaviourist). My main problem is that I have NO FUNDS and NO LAND to build that Dog Sanctuary…and I hoped you could perhaps advise me on how to get a campaign going to get around these obstacles. The Sanctuary I have in mind is also going to provide safe harbour for homeless people, who in return for board and lodging will be the ones looking after the dogs. They will get training in looking after companion animals, and hopefully gain qualifications that enable them to find employment and get back on their own two feet. It’s a Win-Win situation, but only if by some Miracle all this becomes possible. Can you help in any way, please? 

She’s put the idea out into the Universe before, but not in so many words and not so well articulated. And we really hope that there is someone or some organisation out there that will hear her message and be able to help her. 

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