New Collar!

Our Human has made Mrs Chew a nice new collar! But wait, this is only the beginning, because the collar will be part of a Collar + No Pull Harness + Lead set, all in the same matching fabric. It’ll be so cool when it’s all finished! 

This is such a pretty fabric. Sweet with floral accents, and wonderful colours too. 

I hope our Human whips up a bandanna to go with everything else. That would be so great to wear out and about during Summer!

Balance Harness Review

Mrs Chew’s 2nd harness was a Balance Harness. There are several other versions available, but ours is Australian-made by Black Dog. This is advertised as a No-Pull, front-leading harness.

Mrs Chew’s first harness was a step-in, back-clipping one that only had her pulling even harder. See previous post.

The Balance Harness works in a fashion, but we don’t like the way it gapes open at the shoulder when Mrs Chew pulls to one side. It looks like an unruly bra strap that needs pulling back into place – women readers will understand 😉.

It is quite easy to put on, you just have to remember that the black strap goes across the dog’s chest. You then clip your lead to the front ring on the black strap. For added control, you can clip another lead to the dog’s collar. 

There is nothing connecting the back of the Balance Harness to the dog’s collar at the back. You can however buy a “Connector Strap”, which is simply a short strap with a snaphook attached to one end, which you then slip through the Balance Harness’s back strap and clip to the dog’s collar. 

Here’s an illustration by Lori Stevens showing how the Balance Harness works:

Black Dog‘s Balance Harness packaging:

And here’s Mrs Chew wearing the harness:

You can see in the last photo how the black chest strap is gaping at the shoulder. 

AlyZen Moonshadow’s “Deconstructed Dog Harness”

Read about this new experimental dog harness, made by our own human ghost writer, AlyZen Moonshadow.

The harness has been used by Mrs Chew every day for a couple of weeks now. So far, so good. It’s comfy, there’s no strap across the chest or under the armpits, so no danger of chafing there. Mrs Chew is a great puller on the lead, but somehow with this Deconstructed Harness she doesn’t seem inclined to pull as much.

Of course, most dog harnesses follow similar basic ideas and designs, and this harness is a hybrid of several different harness designs. It’s not a new invention as such, but rather an “improvement”. It needs to be tested out on other dogs, to gauge its overall effectiveness. 

AlyZen Moonshadow will create another prototype, which she may make available to one lucky reader for testing. It will be sized for a large-ish dog i.e Staffy-Mastiff size. 

Expressions of interest can be made by leaving a comment after this post. Thank you! 🐾❤🐾

Read about the Deconstructed Dog Harness here: