Stormy Weather Tips for Pets

​Here it’s wet and windy out today, so we’re just gonna camp out on our Human’s bed! 

Remember, if the weather is wild, keep your beloved pets indoors, maybe in a secure and quiet room or crate, close the curtains/blinds, turn the radio/tv on for soothing background noise, or try softly playing music. 

A thundershirt or DIY anxiety wrap also works for very stressed dogs. 

Or try a few drops of Bach Rescue Remedy for Pets in their water dish, or rubbed around their ears and cheeks to help calm them. 

Play and treats can also work as distractions from the sound of stormy weather. 

If static in the air is bothering your pet, try rubbing their bodies with a fabric conditioning sheet or even a slightly damp soft towel, to neutralize the static buildup…nobody likes frizzy, crackly hair! 

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