Pet Communication: Dogs And Cats


Found this cute infographic on dog and cat language for you, dear animal loving folks. Worth a read, to better acquaint yourselves with your beloved pooches and moggies. 

Mrs Chew: As dogs, we may not say much, in fact we say nothing at all, but our bodies speak volumes. So, next time you’re playing with us or taking us for a walk, do take a few minutes to observe our behaviour. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you can learn! We DO communicate, both to other dogs and to humans. But because we lack the same kind of vocal chords humans have, we can’t articulate the same sounds. And because we lack opposable thumbs or indeed any real fingers, we can’t communicate using Deaf Sign Language like Koko the gorilla can. So it’s up to You humans to learn how to read and interpret OUR language. 

Mr Yip: Pay attention to our barking. Not every bark says the same thing. Also tail wagging – not every wag is a friendly gesture! Children especially should learn more about dog body language, as not every dog likes to be rushed upon and hugged straight on, or even patted on the head. In fact, those are a real No-No in polite canine society! Little dogs may look cute and cuddly, and naturally little young humans are drawn to that, but try to remember also, that little dogs have teeny tiny razor sharp teeth. So please, kids, don’t go running up to strange dogs in the street and wanting to stroke them. You don’t know them, and they don’t know you, so let’s get introduced first, okay? 

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