Kukur Tihar

In contrast to the abhorrent Chinese practice of eating dog flesh, the infamous Yulin festival, (see our previous post), there is a glimmer of Hope for us dogs yet…

In Nepal each year, during a 5-day long celebration, corvids (crows and ravens), dogs and cows are honoured and revered. Dogs are celebrated on the 2nd day of the Tihar festival. It’s called Kukur Tihar – “Kukur” means Dog and “Tihar” means Celebration or Festival.

In 2016, the 5 days of celebrating Tihar are Oct 27th through to Oct 31st.

Read more about the festival here: http://themindunleashed.org/2015/06/there-is-a-festival-in-nepal-every-year-that-thanks-dogs-for-being-our-friends.html

And this is Wikipedia’s entry on the same festival: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tihar_(festival)

And this site has even more information and images from this beautiful celebration of Dogs as Humankind’s Best Friends:


On this 2nd day, dogs of Nepal are blessed with Tikas (coloured dots) on their heads and feet, garlanded, or even showered with coloured powder, and given lots of delicious food to eat. They are honoured, respected and worshipped for their role as Humankind’s Oldest Ally and Friend, for their loyalty, bravery and love. 

(They are most definitely NOT slaughtered and eaten like at Yulin. What a contrast!!)

We ABSOLUTELY LOVE the whole idea of Kukur Tihar. Maybe You could start up a “Dogs Are Our Best Friends” Celebration in your own town, city or even country? It would make a strong, direct contrast against the atrocities of Yulin. We speak as dogs here, on our blog, but we believe All Animals deserve their voices to be heard, and their lives respected and revered, so we would love to see other similar celebrations held in honour of our other animal brethren. 

Let’s make it happen! Together, we can do this! Woof woof! 🐾🐾❤❤

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