What is Humanity? 

​We were very sad when our Human told us about the Yulin dog meat festival that happens annually in China in June 😢😢😢. So sad that Mr Yip actually went and hid under our Human’s bed and wouldn’t come out. Mrs Chew was sad AND angry too, that these atrocities towards dogs are allowed to happen year after year, in the name of “tradition”. Dogs are Friends, NOT Food!!

Mr Yip and Mrs Chew (and our friend Mr Mao) have names that sound Oriental. Some people have questioned that. The reason is because we ARE Chinese by way of our Human. But our Chinese-ness is only skin deep. Our Human tells us and wants everyone else to know too, that she is ashamed to be seen as a Chinese person, and does not identify as one herself. In fact, our Human is “aracial” and does not identify with any one race, but believes that every Human Being should embrace their Humanity and Be One People. 

Our Human is not in the least bit materialistic or a consumerist, has no interest in accumulating material wealth, shuns publicity, is passionate about animals and animal welfare, and wants to help the homeless and needy, both human and animals. She is sad that we have to live in a world where everything runs on Money, Greed and Profit, and that without Money it is impossible to achieve altruistic goals for Humanity, or even start the thing she wants to do most – run a Dog Sanctuary where the carers are homeless people and retired people who just want a place they can call Home, and have dogs for company. A Simple Life. We too are sad that A Simple Life in this sorry world comes with a very hefty price tag of that human invention Money $$$$$ that is the real God of today’s Society. 

When our Human saw that we were very, very upset about Yulin, she told us that last year she signed the Change.org petition to stop the Chinese people from continuing that abhorrent “tradition”, and this year she has done the same too. Sadly, at the time of writing this, and despite millions of signatures, the festival went ahead and thousands of our brothers and sisters were murdered so the Chinese people could eat them 😢😠😨. As we write this, Mr Yip has again decided to hide under the bed. Change.org continue to ask that you please help save the lives of future generations of dogs by signing their open petition here:


We need to educate the Chinese people and the rest of the world that killing and eating dogs is EVIL. Dogs are Friends, NOT Food!! The only way to make any Changes is to BE THE CHANGE. So please help us make this world a safer place for our brothers and sisters! 

#MrYipAndMrsChew #StopYulin #traditionsthatmuststop 

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